Santa Rosa Jury Duty Scam

February 6, 2018

Milton, FL – A new twist to an old scam has shown up in Santa Rosa County where a person claiming to be an officer will call informing you, you have a warrant for your arrest for non-compliance to a jury duty summons.

A Santa Rosa County resident received a phone call on February 5th from a person who identified himself as Officer Miller with the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office informing them they had a warrant for their arrest and the bond amount as $18,000.00.

The would be “Scammer” had credible information such as names, addresses and phone numbers of the victim.

They were told to obtain Dollar Store gift cards and to remain on the phone the entire time. They were also told to meet at the sheriff’s office. This victim felt uncomfortable and discontinued the call and contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office  wants to remind citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies do not solicit funds over the telephone and to never pay anyone over the telephone unless you first verify the information yourself.

If in doubt, contact the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office directly at 850-983-1100 or your local department.

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