Crestview Teenager Is Second Suspect Arrested In Crestview Home Invasion

April 9, 2018

Crestview, FL – The Crestview Police Department has arrested a second suspect in a March 17 home invasion and shooting in which two men kicked in the door of a Virginia Street home in the early morning hours Demanding money and drugs. During the home invasion, a 19-year-old woman celebrating her birthday at her mother’s house with a friend was shot in the thigh as she discharged a Taser-like weapon at the two intruders.

On April 5th, 14 year old Jalen Zyquez Mount of Crestview, was arrested and charged with Home Invasion Robbery after he was identified by a witness in a photo line up and named as a co-defendant by 15 year old Tristen Stewart, who was arrested for the same crime the previous day.

According to an arrest report, Stewart stated during a post miranda interview that he drove Mount and a third suspect to the Virginia Street residence to get money and marijuana.

Upon arrival they parked across the street and first approached the residence from the rear. They then walked around to the front door where Stewart and Mount kicked in the front door. Once inside they demanded money and marijuana.

According to Stewart, the girls ran up the stairs, activated a taser, a gun went off and one of the girls got shot. Stewart stated they ran back to the car and fled the area with their lights off.

Although Stewart denied having the gun, a witness identified him as the shooter.

The arrest report also indicated that a third suspect waited at the front door as a look-out when Stewart and Mount entered the residence.

At this time, the case is still under investigation and further arrests may be made.

Both Stewart and Mount were remanded to the Juvenile Justice Detention Facility on Straight Line Rd in Crestview.

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