‘Outstanding Warrant’ Scam Hits Crestview Area

March 6, 2018

Crestview, FL — Some area residents have reported receiving telephone calls from someone purporting to be a Crestview Police officer who tells his victims that they or a family member have an outstanding warrant from the Crestview Police Department. The caller demands immediate payment.

Equally disturbing, the caller ID number from which residents report they have been called is “spoofed” to reflect the Crestview Police Department’s actual 850.682.3544 phone number. Residents who have been targeted have typically received a call from someone claiming he is ”Officer John Allen,” who provides a phony badge number. There is no such officer at the CPD.

In a recent case, a Baker resident was directed to call an 844 area code number, which was answered by someone claiming to work for a law firm, to “take care of the warrant.” The phony officer said if the family didn’t pay the warrant within 24 hours, he would come to Baker and arrest the family member.

As of this release no one has reported sending money to the scammers.

The Crestview Police Department advises residents that warrants are issued in person and are not “settled” over the phone. Furthermore, the CPD does not have jurisdiction in Baker or elsewhere outside of the city of Crestview limits.

Should anyone receive a similar call, the Police Department advises the recipient to hang up immediately and notify the police at (850) 682-2055.

by Brian Hughes, Public Information Officer | Crestview Police Department

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