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Carver-Hill Memorial & Historical Society Scholarship Luncheon

Saturday, June 8th, 2024 12:00 pm

Crestview, Fla. — The Carver-Hill Memorial & Historical Society invites you to a luncheon to celebrate this years’ recipients of the five college scholarships they award each year.

The luncheon will be on Saturday, June 8th, at 12 noon at the Carver-Hill School Center located at 461 School Ave in Crestview. Tyniyah Haughton, the 2023 Crestview High School Valedictorian will be this years’ guest speaker.

This year’s theme is, Advancing Freedom Through Education.

During segregation, Carver-Hill School was the only school in Okaloosa County where black high school students could be educated. The last graduating class was the class of 1965-1966.  It became 1st-9th grades and later a Kindergarten Center in 1970.

The Carver-Hill School closed due to integration. As a result, the Carver-Hill Memorial and Historical Society was incorporated on August 18, 1969, under the leadership of Mrs. Caroline J. Allen (Founder) to preserve the history and legacy of the school. After much community hard work, the Carver-Hill Museum opened in May 1975.

The Carver-Hill Museum in Okaloosa County is the only museum that emphasizes Black History. The museum’s objective is to inspire hope and pride in the lives of all African Americans. Under the leadership of past President David Wheeler, the society presented its first scholarship in 2018. The scholarship is named after the first and only principal of Carver-Hill High School, 19541969, Marcus G. Davis, Sr.

Because of donations to the scholarship fund, five students who meet the criteria are chosen and rewarded with a $500.00 scholarship each to advance their education.

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