Field Day Information at Riverside Elementary

Here is some things you need to know:
If you can, please come and watch your child during their assigned activities. They would LOVE for you to be there cheering them on!
? Put sunscreen on your child PRIOR to sending them to school. Faculty and staff are not allowed to apply sunscreen at school.
? Please have your student wear their class shirt (or a shirt that is the same color) and tennis shoes.
? Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle and towel to sit on.
? Students may wear hats/sunglasses, but they are responsible for them.
? Snow Cones will be on sale for $2.00 a piece during field day. PTO will be selling water bottles also. Students are responsible for their own money.
? Students do not need to bring their backpacks to school that day if you plan on checking them out after field day.
? You may take your child home after field day, but you must check them out from their teacher before you leave the tent area.
Please see the event for your child’s grade level for the exact dates and times.
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