Okaloosa County School District Title 1 Program Books For Kids

Issue – Literacy

Interviewed Amy Dale – Okaloosa County School District Title 1 Curriculum Specialist and Allen Turner of Allen Turner Chevrolet.

With the assistance of Allen Turner, Okaloosa County School District (OCSD) is attempting to put 4 books each in the hands of over 7,500 students before they go home for the summer. OCSD has 20 Title 1 schools out of its 41 schools. The Books for Kids program is intended to put thise books in the hands of the Title 1 students so they can take them home over the summer to read to help fight literacy.
Allen Turner will donate $25 (the price of 4 books) for every vehicle they sale between now and March of 2020. They also have a donor who will match the funds and attempting to get the purchaser to match it as well for a total of 12 books for every vehicle.

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