Driver Found With Drugs in His Pants Pockets says The Pants Aren’t Mine

March 26, 2018

Fort Walton Beach, FL – An OCSO deputy pumping gas early this morning at a convenience store on Beal Parkway spotted a man asleep behind the wheel at the pumps across from him, with the engine running.

Chester Brady Walker

The deputy got the man to wake up and roll down the window. When he asked him what was going on, the man replied “bare naked” and some other mumblings.

While the deputy was talking to the man, identified as 43 year old Chester Walker, an OCSO K9 conducted a free air sniff of the vehicle and alerted.

Deputies found a black case in Walker’s left pants pocket with heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, alprazolam, and quetiapine fumarate. There was also a needle in his right pocket.

During a post Miranda interview, Walker initially told the deputy the pants he was wearing were not his. Walker later admitted he was a currier and delivering the drugs to clients and stated the needle was for the customers who did not have one and needed it.

He’s charged with possession of cocaine, possession of a controlled substance with a prescription, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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