Okaloosa County Launches Small Business Recovery Webpage

Thursday, April 09, 2020

Fort Walton Beach, FL – Okaloosa County has launched a webpage dedicated to the resilience of our small business community and its workforce at this time of trial as we collectively face the coronavirus pandemic.

Numerous resources for the business community and unemployed individuals are available at the webpage to include direct links to local, state and federal assistance grant and loan programs.  Contact agencies, websites, phone numbers, applications, and self-help videos are just some of things you will on these webpages.   The links are as follows:

Recovering Businesses — myokaloosa.com/bcc/covid/economic/recovery

Okaloosa County Commission Chair Trey Goodwin encourages local businesses and individuals to take advantage of these opportunities. In some cases there are limited windows to apply or limited funds for assistance. We will continue to develop and improve the pages as changes develop or we find better ways to make the webpages more useful.

Furthermore, Okaloosa County Commissioner Nathan Boyles, the Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce, the City of Ft. Walton Beach and several experts teamed up to provide ‘how-to’ videos for accessing capital from government programs  through this challenging time.

“These videos will help small businesses better understand the multiple grant and loan programs available from the federal and state government,” said Commissioner Boyles, who helped to produce the three-part series, “we want to make sure our local small businesses are able to weather this unprecedented storm.”

It is hoped the videos will be made available throughout the County on various websites and via email so that those who could use the extra help would have access to them.

The County encourages all businesses, chambers of commerce and individuals to both use and promote these resources in order to ensure stability in our local economy.

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