Milligan Man Charged with First Degree Premeditated Murder of Landlord

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Milligan, FL – A Milligan man has been arrested and charged with the first degree premeditated murder of his girlfriend’s landlord.

On June 23, 2019, shortly before 6:00 pm, the Okaloosa County Sherriff’s Office received a 911 call of a man down at 1775 Dad’s Rd in the Milligan Community which is located just west of Crestview, FL. Upon their arrival they found 54-year-old Christopher Broxson deceased with a laceration to his neck and a stab wound to his chest. According to a warrant affidavit, Broxson’s body was still warm to the touch.

Emanuel Lamar O’Neil Colley

While on scene, deputies identified Emanuel Lamar O’Neil Colley, who resided in an RV with his girlfriend behind the residence of Broxson, as a possible suspect. The affidavit states deputies described Colley’s behavior as a rollercoaster. Deputies noted Colley went from “calm, to upset, to angry”.  At some point during initial contact with Colley, the affidavit stated, he made the spontaneous utterance that he needed to protect his family.

During several post Miranda recorded interviews, Colley denied being involved in the death of Broxson and stated he was not on the porch where Broxson was located. Colley further stated he had just returned from the river and saw Broxson in the yard where he had asked for a cigarette. Colley further told investigators he went to take a shower and his girlfriend, Heather Creech, told him Broxson was “cussing her kids.” Although Colley told investigators that was none of his business, he later told them that he would “fight because that’s my family.” The affidavit further stated Colley told investigators that he was in the shower when the crime occurred.

Law Enforcement recovered several items of evidentiary value to include, a wet white towel from next to the deceased body of Broxson and a beer can, both from the front porch. The towel did contain DNA from both Broxson and Colley and the beer can contained DNA from Colley. Both items were submitted to and confirmed by FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) for analysis.

Also recovered as evidence from Colley was the white shorts he was wearing that evening. The affidavit stated Colley’s shorts appeared to have blood on them. The shorts were also submitted to FDLE for DNA analysis and a report was returned stating the DNA of both Broxson and Colley was present.

Cooley explained during a post Miranda recorded interview that the blood on his shorts came from him when he was bitten by a dog while at the river earlier. Law Enforcement noted the wound to Colley’s hand was not consistent with a dog bite, but rather a puncture wound consistent with barbed wire. Also, according to the affidavit, Colley stated he did not have a beer with Broxson.

The affidavit stated there was a chicken coup with a type of barb wire fencing located behind Broxson’s residence. Law enforcement did interview a person, who was not named in the affidavit, that told them she saw Colley coming from behind Broxson’s residence running toward the RV.

During an interview with Heather Creech, Colley’s girlfriend who he resided with in the RV, consistently explained that she did not kill Broxson. Creech told law enforcement Broxson was her landlord. She also confirmed she has had issues with Broxson for months to include Broxson recently cutting off the power to the RV. Creech, according to the affidavit, also made the statement “do you think I think Emanuel done it? I do.”

Colley was arrested in Santa Rosa County on Friday, October 18th and later extradited to Okaloosa County where he remains in the county jail without bond.

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